13 Apr 2023 by shravan

Shravan is recognized a finalist for the Victor K. Lamer Award by the Colloid and Surface Science Division of the American Chemical Society (ACS). Shravan will deliver an invited talk as a LaMer Keynote Speaker at the ACS Colloids and Surface Science Symposium in Raleigh (June 4-7).

31 Mar 2023 by shravan

Shravan’s poster was selected for Honorable Mention at the American Physical Society Forum for Early Career Scientists (APS-FECS) Poster Competition, held in connection with the 2023 APS March Meeting. The poster was titled “Jamming distance: a physics-informed design parameter for dense suspension rheology”.

10 Mar 2023 by shravan

Shravan delivered an invited talk titled “Material constraints dictate flow mechanics in dense suspensions” at the DSOFT sponsored Frontiers in Soft Matter session.

17 Nov 2022 by shravan

The work on modeling the thixotropic and viscoelastic flow behavior of model clay (kaolin-based) suspensions using Bayesian Inference is published in the Journal of Rheology and featured as the Editor’s Featured Article.

24 Oct 2022 by shravan

The project to understand the flow properties of debris flows is published in PNAS and available via. open access here.

21 Oct 2022 by shravan

Shravan will be attending the Kavli Institute of Theoretical Physics (KITP) program on Multiphase Flows in Geophysics and the Environment from October 23 - November 11 and presenting a poster in the associated conference on Unifying perspectives on geophysical and environmental multiphase flows.

12 Oct 2022 by shravan

Happy to share our that I have received third place for the Postdoctoral Poster Award competition in connection with the Society of Rheology Annual Meeting held at Chicago.

11 Oct 2022 by shravan

Excited to share our recent manuscript exploring the hydrodynamic origins of enhanced viscoelasticity in rough colloidal suspensions. The work is selected as the Editor’s Featured Article.

04 Jul 2022 by shravan

I am glad to be selected for the 2022 Boulder Summer School on Hydrodynamics Across Scales and will be attending the same from July 4-29 at University of Colorado, Boulder.